Transforming Adversity into Success

Navigating Poverty, Education, and Entrepreneurship: A Single Parent's Triumph

In the midst of adversity, the singular journey of a single parent raising six children below the poverty line was a testament to resilience and determination. Combining the role of both mother and provider, the pursuit of education became a beacon of hope amidst the struggle. With unwavering dedication, I attained a college degree, defying the limitations imposed by financial constraints.

Despite the odds, I pursued a Cosmetology license, driven by a passion for beauty and self-expression. Armed with knowledge and an unyielding spirit, the dream of Sheer Faces began to take shape. Starting with scarce resources and navigating financial scarcity, the decision to leap into entrepreneurship was daunting yet inevitable.

Sheer Faces emerged not just as a business but as a symbol of perseverance. It symbolizes the triumph over adversity and the embodiment of possibility despite limited resources. Every lash placement, each radiant face leaving my studio, stands as a testament to the unwavering belief in the power of one's dreams.

At Sheer Faces I offer lash and brow services to highlight your natural beauty. I also offer courses and digital products to help you start, scale, and grow your own lash business.